The best thing about glass it that it can look good on almost everything. Let us find out why it is a great option for bathrooms Translucent, transparent and patterned-glass are three broad categories of glass types and they can be extensively used to install a perfect bathroom. Take a look at which glass items make a bathroom look unique and beautiful-

  • Countertops- Glass countertops are a real beauty. Not only are they cleanliness-friendly, due to their easy-to-wipe smooth surface, their clear appearance stands out against alternatives. Look at this countertop with a glass washbasin over it.bath-1


  • Glass tiles- Given glass’s transparent look, glass tiles have as even more patterns and designs than porcelain or other tiles, but they often look much more beautiful. Different colors, patterns and degree of transparency leads to a whopping number of glass tile designs.
  • Glass walls- They are very commonly used because they have literally no substitute. That’s right. With technology, it is possible to make great quality substitutes for so many things, but these glass walls remain original.bath-2


  • Sliding shower doors/tub doors- When glass walls are modified and extended to more uses, sliding shower doors take place. Do not worry about your privacy, they range from transparent and translucent to heavily patterned ones which are just as beautiful.
  • Shower cabins- Gaining popularity over the last years, showed cabins and steam cabins are increasing in demand. Take a look at this modern shower cabin. It looks so great, doesn’t it?