Living room is one of the most beautiful corners of your home. Here, we bring to you a beautiful living room design themed in pink and combined with complementing wooden flooring. Even though pink is difficult to go with the flavor of many people, by combining it with darker shades and wooden materials, it gives a look which can be loved by all. This room is an example of how perfect planning can make a room beautiful without adding extra décor.


The room is very neat and spacious owing to its unique customized shape and layout. The walls have been painted in premium quality off-white paint. Different colors have been chosen for the ceiling and the walls. Use of wallpapers can further enhance the look, and matching wallpapers can be found easily. The wooden flooring has been deployed keeping in mind the interior design.

As AllCost provides best construction solutions at best prices, this room is an example of quality performance within your budget. Now take a look at the room from another angle.


As you can see, the lighting is perfect and the well lit-room reflects the ambience of the pink-theme very well. The position of the windows allows for ample natural light also when needed. The overall look of the room is a result of proper management consulting. Looking beautiful in a sober manner, this room would have no hesitation to add additional décor. However, it does not necessarily need it.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the door also complements the overall look of the room. The pink color, hence combined with the wooden flooring, the wooden door and even the curtains, is enriched to a more broadly acceptable theme. With AllCost, proper planning and expert consulting can give you classy installations with minimum efforts and lower costs.