A classy lifestyle goes very feasibly in a classy home. Money is to spend wisely and by contributing quality to your lifestyle, you can put money to good use.

Cream yellow theme with Maize yellow balance

Look at this picture for a beautiful classy living room. Its interior design immediately alleviates your mood. Something about this room is so comforting. The theme of “cream yellow” color is so beautifully imbibed into the interior of this room.2nd

To make a perfect cream yellow theme, this room complements colors of-

  • Lighting
  • Sofas
  • Walls
  • Built-in cupboards
  • Carpet
  • Curtains

        Navajo white color perfectly complements the major color of this room.

2nd 2

The décor objects also follow the taste and add to the royal touch. The fireplace is a great bonus to the color theme of this room. Glorified with a centered oil-painting, this room is just next to perfect.You can replicate this design for your interiors or even customize it with AllCost according to your color preference, layout and budget. It is absolutely possible to get such a room at best prices.

Antique classy look

Wood is a great friend of antique classy look. In this room, great wooden furniture with good choice of complementing décor is decisive for its beauty. Again, with expert consulting of AllCost, this room can be yours.

2nd 3

Cream yellow theme with Navajo White balance

This room below is another example of a cream-yellow color theme, but it combines wooden décor with the theme. The look of the wooden articles is very intricate and royal. This room needs no more addition to it to look beautiful. Just evenness in its appearance enhances its look.

2nd 4

Royal designs are always in fashion. They are traditional and classy and are pleasant at all times for every mood. Be it a cultural festival or a fancy party, these interiors have the power to suit all occasions.